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Playing to Wynn

Upon first glance, many of you might think the man in the photograph above is “Blue” from BET’s The Game, but look again. That handsome face belongs to none other than a budding young actor from Detroit by the name of Wynn Sarden.

At the age of 26, Wynn has acted in several hit stage plays like Secrets & Spirits in My Bedroom, as well as a few commercials. He has done some modeling for couture designer Mark England and has appeared in music videos such as Sylena Rai’s “Share My World.” You can also spot him in the remake of Sparkle (2012).

However, it wasn’t until last August that Wynn landed his first starring role in the independent feature film, Why Do Men Cheat?

In an attempt to answer the age-old question, the film follows three different couples whose lives are complicated by infidelity and deception.  One man is a celebrity athlete who struggles to balance money, fame, and opportunity with his love for his pregnant fiancé. That would be Wynn’s character; Chop Richardson.

In addition to his experience as an actor, some people may also know Wynn for having promoted some of the most successful VIP events throughout Atlanta and Detroit, but Wynn recently made the big move to Cali in pursuit of his dream.

In this edition of 16 dreams, find out how Wynn’s love to entertain blossomed from the classroom to the movie screen, and how his passion for acting (and some good advice) has managed to keep him out of trouble.

16dreams: What year did you turn 16?

Wynn: Year 2002.

16dreams: What high school did you go to?

Wynn: First 2 years at Oak Park high and last 2 at Warren Cousino – both in Michigan.

16dreams: What were your feelings on turning 16?

Wynn: I would say nervous. I was becoming a man at an early age. Doing a lot of things that most my age couldn’t. Scared at times on what the future had for me but ready for whatever.

16dreams:  Use 6 words to describe what you were like at 16. Would you say you’ve changed?

Wynn: LOL At 16 I was definitely a playboy. I was very popular from running around with the older homies but I was definitely into the ladies full-time LOL. Athlete, very social, and a party animal.

16dreams: What was your favorite movie?

Wynn: Wow, favorite movie back then would have to be Paid in Full. Belly and Scarface would definitely be up there as well.

16dreams: Did you know you wanted to pursue acting at 16? If not then, when did you know for sure?

Wynn: At 16, I was a class clown. I mean I loved putting on a show and entertaining but never pursued professional acting. It wasn’t until later that I decided to go head and really get involved in the acting industry.

16dreams: Are there any actors you admire?

Wynn: Of course Denzel Washington. Also, Will smith.

16dreams: What do you love most about what you do?

Wynn: I love the feeling the audience and fans get from seeing me perform. It’s nothing like a warm welcome, thank you, pictures and the overwhelming support from those who support what you do. Being able to reach and touch certain topics that people can relate to and appreciate you for bringing it to life.

16dreams: Has anyone ever tried to dissuade you from pursuing your dreams? How did you react?

Wynn: Yes of course. Not only in acting but there are always going to be doubters and people who want to bring you down and not support pursuing something you love. So the best thing for me is to block them out. I know that nothing will make me happier than doing what I love and have a passion for. In the end I’m proving them wrong.

16dreams: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Wynn: Hard to say the best. A mentor of mine said “Life is short, do any and everything you want to do while you can and dream big.” And also, “Make wise choices because every decision you make has an end result.” Which I contribute to me staying out of trouble.

When you’re done reading this make sure to take a listen to Wynn’s interview on The Nikki Rich Show, where he stopped by to talk about what spurred his move to L.A and his latest project: The Price of Love Web Series, which is set to be released this summer.

Get the latest news straight from Wynn by following him on Twitter and Instagram @WynnSarden! 

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