Chapter 7 – Love, Lies & Consequences: The Fast Life Sequel by Cassandra Carter #WIP


With just a few minutes left until the club let out, Rico and Meeka followed them to beat the crowd. As the four of them were walking out, Meeka didn’t say another word to Kyra about Dominic, and they left it at that. She didn’t look too happy with her decision to go home with him, but that was okay with Kyra because she didn’t have to be. It wasn’t her decision to make.

“Here; you drive.” Dominic tossed Kyra the keys to his Porsche Panamere once they got to the parking lot. Kyra stopped dead in her tracks the second she caught them. Meanwhile, Meeka hopped in one of the cabs waiting curbside as Rico retrieved his car keys from the valet.

“Kyra, hurry up! Let’s go!” Meeka called out to her from the backseat as though it were urgent, but now that Dominic finally had her in his arms, he wasn’t about to let her go. He hugged her tight as he buried his face in her neck, and Kyra waved Meeka off with a promise to call her tomorrow.

“Who said I was drivin’?” Kyra tried handing the keys back to him, but Dominic wouldn’t take them.

“You are now,” he said. Dominic got in the passenger seat and fastened his seatbelt, leaving Kyra no choice but to get in.

“Now let’s go. Where I’m taking you isn’t far from here.” Dominic pointed at the road ahead and Kyra shifted into Drive. One look at him sitting next to her and something told Kyra her night was far from over. One look in his eyes and Kyra got the feeling her night was just beginning.

“Pull up right over there,” Dominic directed Kyra to an open parking space. After driving for miles, the two of them finally reached their destination: Treasure Bay Marina. Located on the Southside of the island, it seemed like it took them forever to get there, but the change in scenery was well worth the drive.

One of the first things Kyra noticed when she got out the car was how peaceful it was. Other than the stars and the moon the sky was remarkably clear. The salty smell of the ocean was especially strong here. Rows of sailboats and million-dollar Mega-Yachts bobbed on the surface of the bay as their flags snapped in the wind. It was quiet on the docks other than the sound of water gently lapping against them.

Kyra followed Dominic down the pier until they reached a boat with the word ORION painted on the hull. Dominic climbed on board first, but when he signaled her to follow, she balked. Suddenly, Kyra didn’t feel so adventurous.

“It’s okay. We’re not going out on the water tonight.” It didn’t take long for Dominic to pick up on her hesitation. He extended his hand to help her aboard, hoping she trusted him enough to take it, and she did.

Kyra ran her hands over the soft leather seats while walking to the bow and back. She took her time examining the other features such as Balinese Dream Beds and a twelve-person whirlpool on the top deck while Dominic kept himself busy at the ship’s main point of entry. He pecked at seven digits on the keypad before finally pressing the Enter key.

“After you,” Dominic gestured her inside as soon as the light turned green.

Kyra walked right on in, but Dominic’s eyes followed her before he did. He licked his lips as he looked her over from head to toe and back up again. The sight of her supple skin through the holes in the fabric only helped fuel his fantasy. Dominic grinned, just thinking about having her to himself for the evening.

Once inside, Kyra tried not to gawk at the posh quarters. She knew what it meant to be “hood rich” but she had never seen wealth of this magnitude up close before. Everywhere she turned she was met by marble and gold. She discovered a second, smaller Jacuzzi when she first walked in, along with a poker table and a fully stocked, premium bar. The TV was the size of a movie theatre screen.

But out of all those nice things, a built-in aquarium captured her interest. Kyra tapped on the glass and a school of colorful fish broke in every direction, stirring pebbles from the bottom of the tank. They hid amongst the big, bright pieces coral, but Kyra continued to terrorize them for her own amusement.

“You like?” Dominic rested his chin on her shoulder as his hands roamed around her waist and across her stomach. Kyra closed her eyes and let her body relax as he continued to explore her.

“How romantic.” She spun around to face him.

“Wait until you see the master suite,” he hinted. His eyes were much lower than before and the tone he used triggered a tingling sensation between her legs.

“Why don’t we go take a look right now?” Kyra let a single strap fall off her shoulder as she sashayed down the hallway with a come-hither look that commanded he follow.

And Dominic wouldn’t dare disobey. Kyra stood back as she watched him take off his watch and the rest of his jewelry. Dominic took his time, setting each piece down carefully on the dresser before he finally set his sights on her. As Kyra watched him walk over to her, the anticipation of what was about to happen next had her breathing heavy.

Kyra wasn’t prepared when Dominic robbed her of a kiss, but instead of stopping him, she indulged in the softness of his lips and the feel of his hands on her breasts. Much like Dominic, his kisses were irresistible, so when he went to lay her down she didn’t try to fight him.

The fact that Dominic was so much bigger than her had Kyra trembling the second he climbed on top. She did her best to keep quiet as he titillated her breasts with his tongue, but she couldn’t keep from screaming. Dominic kept licking her nipples slowly, creating the most incredible sensations. His lips felt like silk against her skin.

“Dominic. . .” A deep shiver rocked her body when he disappeared under the covers. Kyra didn’t know what to think when he took her panties off with his teeth.

Dominic didn’t waste any time burying his head between her legs and he did so in a way that let her know he was eager to please her. Dominic was the kind of lover who was more attentive to her needs than his own which is why he made sure to blow on her clit before he kissed it. Feeling her legs tightening around his neck gave him the motivation to lick her into submission. Dominic could tell Kyra was about to lose it by the sounds she was making, but he continued to push her, doing tricks with his tongue only a professional would know.

As Dominic continued feasting on her juices as though she were his last meal, Kyra closed her eyes, and let herself to enjoy it. The pleasure he brought her couldn’t be measured in words which would explain why she couldn’t speak. All she could do was moan. Dominic had her clutching blankets, sheets, pillows; anything she could get her hands on. The few times he glanced up at her he caught her pulling her own hair.

As Dominic slid two fingers inside her, Kyra tried to block out all the negative thoughts she had prior to meeting him, and focus on how good he had her feeling. She wasn’t thinking about Justin walking down the aisle or the fact that Cincere had every right to leave her for what she was doing. None of that seemed to matter anymore. Kyra was in heaven. And if this wasn’t heaven, then Dominic had convinced her she was pretty damn close. For Kyra, Dominic was a welcome distraction and a much needed ego boost. She wanted to feel wanted again, and Dominic did that for her. With Dominic, Kyra was finally able to let go and get lost in the moment . . . even if she knew it wasn’t going to last.


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