Chapter 6 – Love, Lies & Consequences: The Fast Life Sequel by Cassandra Carter #WIP


That night, Meeka introduced Kyra to a hopping new night spot on the island of Providenciales called Bongos. Kyra had never heard of it, but apparently, she was the only one. It had only been open a couple months, but Bongos was gaining quite the reputation as the place to be and be seen for locals and tourists alike. A nightclub and restaurant all-in-one, Bongos was known for hitting capacity well before midnight.

If the crowd was this hype on a weeknight, Kyra could only imagine what it must be like on the weekend. It was a Thursday, and Bongos was full of beautiful women and horny men on the prowl. Kyra and Meeka could barely take two steps without someone grabbing at them or trying to get their attention. Heads turned wherever they went.

Meeka kept her outfit simple with a pair of turquoise short-shorts, a white, low-cut top, and some nude wedges. With a flawless face like hers, she was killing the competition.

Naturally, Kyra stunned in her red dress. The tight little number accentuated her curves and the crocheted material covered only what was necessary, leaving her sides exposed. The dress she picked out for tonight was so sexy, just stepping out of the house was likely to cause an accident.

After squeezing their way through to the lounge area, the girls were lucky enough to snag a table just as it was opening up. Kyra and Meeka settled into their cozy spot by the bar, more than ready to unwind and let loose. It seemed whenever the two of them got together the laughs kept coming – and so did the drinks.

“You gotta do one more,” Meeka cheered Kyra on by beating on the table. She refilled their shot glasses until they overflowed before giving one to Kyra.

“I don’t think I can do another one!” Kyra refused to drink it, but when she tried to push the glass away Meeka pushed it right back toward her.

Oh, come on! Yes you can!” Meeka pouted in disappointment.

No! I can’t!” Kyra waved her hand as though it were a white flag. One more shot could easily take her from being tipsy to flat-out drunk.

“Kyra I know you’re not chickening out on me! Don’t you waste this good liquor girl! We still have some left!” Meeka picked up the bottle and shook the little bit of gold liquid left inside. They were half way through a fifth of 1800.

“Uh-Uh! No more shots for me!” Kyra slid her chair back from the table.

“Oh give it here!” Meeka snatched back the shot, held it up, and tossed it back like it was nothing. She then slammed the empty glass on the table to announce that she was finished.

Ah-ha, that’s what you get!” Kyra pointed and laughed at Meeka for the twisted face she made afterwards. Meeka tried to act all tough about it at first, but she was so quick to grab a chaser, Kyra laughed until it hurt.

Meeka wiped the edges of her mouth when she was done, but she was still coughing and patting her chest, as if that could somehow alleviate the burning sensation inside. Kyra could almost feel the burn as it traveled down Meeka’s throat and into her stomach.

“Oh my God, that was so funny! I should’ve took a picture!” Kyra struggled to breathe. Minutes passed, and the two of them were still laughing. Her reaction was priceless.

“Oh my God, no,” Meeka gasped, mortified by the idea. She was quick to turn her head and block her face just in case Kyra tried to be sneaky.

“It’s cool. I ain’t even gonna do you like that,” Kyra’s laughter ended in a sigh.

For the first time that night, Kyra stopped what she was doing and took a moment to appreciate her surroundings; the thump of the music, the fast-paced dancing, and the smell of fried food wafting through the air. The room was lit by thousands of red light bulbs dangling from the ceiling, which gave the club a more exclusive, underground feel. Reggae and Hip-Hop meshed well together and the dancefloor stayed packed since they got there. That was hours ago. The DJ hadn’t let her down yet.

“Man! I can’t even remember the last time I had this much fun! Meeka thank you so much for bringin’ me out tonight. I really needed this,” Kyra’s admission came with a smile. She meant every word.

But before Meeka could reply, one of the shot girls stopped by with a bottle of Rosé.

“Hi, ladies, good evening and welcome to Bongos!” she greeted them with a great big smile while Kyra and Meeka exchanged confused looks from across the table.

“Oh, wait. There must be a mistake. We didn’t order this,” Kyra spoke up first. She popped the cork anyway.

“No worries. This bottle is free of charge. A gift from the gentleman in VIP.” Suds went flying everywhere upon her announcement. She quickly poured them each a glass of Champagne and left before Kyra could ask her any more questions about who sent it and why.

The mystery deepened when she discovered there was a note attached. Inside were the words Meet me in VIP scrawled in black ink however her secret admirer failed to sign his name.

“What’s it say?” Meeka leaned over the table trying to be nosey. Kyra crumbled up the note to throw it away.

“Nothing important,” Kyra wrote it off as nothing at first, but she continued to search the VIP section for its sender. She went table to table before finally settling on a man in black. He hadn’t said one word to her, and yet he managed to make his presence known.

Once he had her attention, Kyra found it almost impossible to look away. Kyra didn’t understand why she was so drawn to him, but whoever he was he had her heart beating fast.

There had to be hundreds of men in the club that night, but unlike them, this one conducted himself like a boss. Kyra admired the fact that he seemed so calm and relaxed in such a hectic atmosphere, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. He sat back, watching the scene unfold from the shadows, while puffing on a fat cigar. Smoking wasn’t even allowed in the club, yet security didn’t seem bothered by it. No one said a word to him.

“Hey, this stuff is pretty good!” Meeka smacked her lips for taste. She picked up the bottle to read the label before setting it back in the ice bucket.

“Don’t look. But I think it was that guy. Over there,” Kyra nodded in his direction. She could still feel him watching her every move from behind his sunglasses, but that didn’t make her feel anymore compelled to speak. If he had something to say he was going to have to come to her.

“Who: him?” Meeka twisted around in her seat to see who Kyra was talking about.

“I said don’t look!” Kyra shook her head at Meeka for being so obvious.

“You think we should go say thank you?” Meeka turned to Kyra, who sucked her teeth at the notion. She didn’t come out looking to meet somebody new, and she was in no mood to be harassed and followed around for the rest of the night by some creep.

Hell no. Fuck him! As soon as you accept a drink they think you owe ’em somethin’,” she explained.

Excuse me? Hello? Can I get some service over here?” Kyra raised her hand and called out for help, but between all the noise and the fact that everyone was so busy, none of the servers even noticed.

“Kyra, what are you doing?” Meeka jumped up and grabbed her left arm. Kyra raised her right hand instead.

“I’m sendin’ it back,” she said; her tone sharp, and unwavering.

“If you don’t sit your ass down!” Meeka scolded her for being stubborn, but it didn’t make much of a difference.  “Why you gotta be so mean?” she mumbled.

“I am not bein’ mean,” Kyra seemed shocked by the accusation. “How one minute you gonna tell me I need to do right by Cincere, and the next minute you’re tryin’ to get me to talk to some random guy?” she argued.

“I’m just saying. He was nice enough to send us a bottle. It wouldn’t hurt to say thank you!” Meeka argued back.

“Whateva you can go over there. I’m staying my ass right here,” Kyra continued, acting all prissy.

“Well, if you don’t want it you can at least give it to me.” Meeka gave her a friendly little nudge and Kyra shot her a look that said she was getting annoyed.

“You don’t need anythin’ else to drink, Meeka,” Kyra cautioned. She had been having a perfectly good time so far and would hate to have it ruined by having to clean up her friend’s throw up at the end of the night.

“Come with me!” Meeka whined. “I thought we came out to have fun!” She nudged Kyra again, harder this time.

“I’m not goin’ over there!” Kyra shoved Meeka back, resulting in an all-out shoving match.

“Shh, be quiet! He’s coming! He’s coming!” Meeka panicked when she noticed the guy they were talking about making his way over. It didn’t take long before he ran out of patience and decided to approach them. This time, he took it upon himself to deliver a second bottle personally.

“Sup Ma?” Kyra’s first impression of him was that he had a slick smile and a voice so deep she could barely understand him. If she had to guess she would say he was at least six feet tall, maybe a little taller, with a head full of teeny tiny black curls, and caramel-brown skin. The way his clothes laid on his frame, Kyra could tell he was in excellent shape. Upon closer inspection, she also noticed several tattoos covering his neck and his forearms.

“My name is Kyra,” Kyra made sure to roll her eyes when she corrected him. Although she was attracted to him physically, she came back at him with all the stank-attitude she could muster in hopes he would back off and leave her alone. Instead, he removed his sunglasses to reveal a gorgeous set of brown eyes and a face worthy of an ad campaign.

“My bad, I didn’t mean to offend you, Kyra. It was rude of me to not come introduce myself first. My name is Dominic. Nice to meet your acquaintance,” Dominic extended his hand, along with his friendship, but Kyra wasn’t so quick to accept either one. When he didn’t get the response he was looking for, Dominic redirected his attention to Meeka.

“And your name Sweetheart?”

“Meeka,” she answered him with a girly grin.

“Are you ladies having a good time?” He rested his hand on the back of her chair as he leaned forward to look at her.

“What do you want, Dominic?” Not one for games, Kyra cut straight to the point. Her stare was hard and intimidating, however, Dominic seemed unfazed by her actions. Little did Kyra know the fact that she was giving him such a hard time made him like her even more. Very few women had the ability to make Dominic nervous, but a woman like Kyra shook his confidence a bit – and all she had to do was look at him.

“Well, the real reason I came over here was ’cause I noticed you and ya homegirl was sitting by yourselves and I figured you ladies are too pretty not to be in VIP. I’d love for you to join me in my booth. Me and my partna could really use your company.” Dominic glanced at the reserved area and back at the girls, almost certain they would jump at the upgrade, but Kyra appeared quite content where she was. In fact, she almost enjoyed seeing the look on his face when she turned him down.

“No thank you,” she chirped; a rather satisfied smile on her face. Dominic’s delayed reaction told her he wasn’t used to rejection. The word no was like a foreign language to him.

“Meeka, tell your friend to stop trippin’,” he commented.

“Yeah, Kyra, stop trippin’!” Meeka chimed in, but Kyra was persistent.

“I’m good. Thanks anyway,” she said.

“A’ight Yo that’s cool. I still had to let you know I think you mad pretty, Ma. You the baddest chick in here tonight, hands down,” Dominic added. Kyra thought it was cute that even though she turned him down he still managed to slip in a compliment. Most guys would’ve been ready to flip on her.

“And you know this!” She snapped her fingers like a diva, giving Dominic a proper dose of attitude to validate his claim.

“And feisty too,” he smiled.

“You know you like it,” Kyra flirted.

“Yeah. . . You’re right. Maybe I do.” Dominic stared at her for a moment with a strong desire in his eyes, and Kyra almost felt powerless against his wishes.

“Whateva,” Kyra laughed off Dominic’s advances in an effort to defuse them, but that didn’t stop them from coming. When Dominic wanted something he was relentless.

“So you sure you don’t want to come join us? We got more liquor at the booth. Whatever you want. . . ” Dominic lingered by their table for a moment, hoping he might be able to persuade her, but Kyra stood firm in her answer.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she nodded.

“A’ight, Yo, I’mma let y’all have y’all fun. Nice meeting you, Kyra. Meeka. You be smooth.” Dominic turned to leave, but something told Kyra she couldn’t let him walk away.

“I like your accent. . . Where are you from?” Dominic didn’t get far before she reeled him back in with a question.

“Brooklyn,” he represented for his borough proudly.

“Okay, Dominic, from Brooklyn. What do you do?”  Kyra continued to question him with one eyebrow raised. Dominic flicked the ashes from his cigar on the ground before taking another toke of some of the finest tobacco the West Indies had to offer. Kyra watched as he then took another drag, blew a cloud, and sucked it back in before speaking.

“I’m a boxer,” he said. The smoke in the back of his throat altered the sound of his voice.

Okay! Don’t get it twisted! Everybody knows the real G’s come from the Chi!”   Kyra was trying to play it cool, but so far she liked what she was hearing. She figured if Dominic really was a boxer like he said he was he must’ve been a really good one. He had a certain air about him, and judging by the shiny Frank Mueller on his wrist, he was a heavyweight in and out the ring.

Kyra knew from the second she met Dominic that flirting with him could be dangerous which was what made it so much fun. She could tell he was bad boy just by looking at him. During their conversation, she picked up on a certain swagger they didn’t have back home in Chicago. His confidence bordered cockiness, and she was starting to like it.

“Yo, Ma, how old is you?” Dominic chuckled.

“Old enough,” Kyra sassed him as she worked her neck.

“Aw, alright, I’ll let you think you runnin’ things for now. But that’s just ’cause I think it’s cute,” Dominic flashed another smile that made Kyra want to melt.

“Better act like you know,” she pressed her lips together at the end of her sentence in an attempt not to smile. Kyra was trying hard not to show that Dominic was having an effect on her when really he was tearing down her defenses one by one. Kyra didn’t know what it was. There was just something about Dominic.

“Yeah, okay. Like I said. . . For now,” Dominic blew more smoke out the corner of his mouth before putting the cigar out.

“So, what’s the deal, Yo; y’all coming or what?” Dominic posed the question one last time, his tone much more pressing than before.

“Um. . . Who you think you talkin’ to like that? You don’t know me so please don’t act like you do,” Kyra was quick to check him, but instead of getting mad or feeling discouraged by her reaction, Dominic waved the girls onward.

“Well don’t you think it’s time we change that? Come on.” He started toward the booth, but Kyra didn’t follow right away. She looked to Meeka for advice on what she should do, but all Meeka offered was a shrug. Kyra was slow to get up and lead the way as the two of them ventured to the other side of the room where Dominic’s friend was waiting to be introduced.

“Kyra, this is my mans, Rico. Rico, this is Kyra,” Dominic pointed out a dark-skinned gentleman with big brown eyes and thick dreads that ran down his back. Kyra immediately pegged him as a high roller as well based on the designers he was wearing and the gold Champagne bottle in his hand.

“And this is my girl, Meeka,” Kyra piped up on behalf of her friend.

“Hey,” Meeka smiled and waved at Rico, who simply nodded in return. Rico was the quiet type who thought he was too cool to smile, but the way he kept staring at Meeka, she didn’t have to question if he was attracted to her.

“Why you acting all shy? Don’t be scared. Come sit down,” Rico patted his lap, but Meeka made herself comfortable in the chair next to him. Meanwhile Dominic and Kyra opted for the couch.

“Alright, so now that we’re here go ahead; ask me anything you want to know,” Dominic picked up where they left off, eager to hear what she had to say next.

“Okay. What brought you to Provo for starters?” was the first question Kyra thought to ask.

“My little sister is getting married.” The look on Dominic’s face said it all. Kyra could tell he wasn’t looking forward to going, and she didn’t blame him. Ever since she found out Justin was getting married, it seemed like everyone was getting married – everyone except her. Just the sound of the dreaded M-word was enough to make Kyra want to gag, and apparently, Dominic felt the same way.

“Next question. . . ” Dominic reached for his drink, but unlike the girls, he took a swig straight out the bottle.

“How long are you in town?” Kyra was quick to change the subject.

“Not long. Just a few more weeks and then I start training for my next fight,” he informed.

“And what does your girlfriend think about you boxing?” Kyra fished for more information about him, although she already assumed he probably had several women.

“If I had a girl what makes you think I would be over here talking to you?” he countered.

“I don’t know,” she giggled.

“And how about you, Miss Kyra, you’re way too fine to be single. I know somebody done wifed you up by now.” Dominic didn’t even attempt to hide the fact he was checking her out and he liked what he saw.

“Maybe. . . Maybe not. . .” Kyra cocked her head to the side. She couldn’t stop smiling even if she wanted to. For some reason, Dominic seemed to have that effect on her.

“Damn. So it really is true. All the good ones are taken,” Dominic smiled to mask his disappointment. Really, he wasn’t worried either way. The fact that Kyra already had a boyfriend made him even more determined to steal her from him. Dominic already decided Kyra was going to be his. She just didn’t know it yet.

“That’s what they say.  . .” Kyra laughed nervously under his stare. She felt kind of bad for lying to Dominic, but then she reminded herself that technically, she wasn’t lying. Kyra didn’t know where things stood with her and Cincere, and with everything going on in her life, she didn’t want to be alone tonight.

“That’s really too bad you know,” Dominic let out an exaggerated sigh as he scooted away from her.

“And why is that?” Kyra curved her mouth to the side.

“’Cause I’ve been told I’m a pretty good dancer. I would show you, but I wouldn’t want your boyfriend getting mad and trying to beat me up,” he cracked.

Kyra laughed out loud. That was a joke considering he had to be twice the size of Cincere.

“I don’t know. . .” Kyra debated whether or not to brave the dancefloor with Dominic. She hadn’t danced with anyone in quite some time and worried she might look stupid compared to the other girls.

“Come! Dance with me!” Dominic latched onto her arm and started to pull.

“No! Wait!” Kyra planted her feet, but she was no match for him. Dominic kept begging, until finally, he had to yank her out her seat and drag her to the middle.

“That’s right! Get up!” he urged her along.

“Okay, but just one song!”

Once out on the dancefloor, the music made it hard for them to hear, but Dominic and Kyra didn’t need an excuse to get close. As they moved with the music, the sexual tension between them thickened until they could no longer ignore it. So many different scenarios clouded Kyra’s mind as she pushed up against Dominic. She felt guilty just for thinking of some of the freaky things she wanted to do to him.

Kyra told herself she wouldn’t give in to temptation, but her feelings for Dominic were coming on strong. She was feeling Dominic, and even though Kyra knew she was wrong, she almost didn’t care. Everything about him turned her on, from his thick biceps to his mysterious brown eyes and lustrous black hair. He had a well-defined jaw-line and a nice set of juicy lips she really wanted to kiss. One look at Dominic, and Kyra didn’t even have to question if the sex was good. She was sure of it.

“So what’s it gonna be, Shorty; you gone come kick it with me tonight?” Dominic gripped her waist tighter as Kyra proceeded to dance. She never did give him an answer.

“Move it faster,” Dominic’s orders came in the form of a whisper, and Kyra didn’t hesitate to fulfill his request. When Future’s “Turn on the Lights” came on she made sure to put in work. Kyra bit her bottom lip as she continued to wind her hips, which only did more to excite him. One look in his eyes and she knew he was ready.

The room temperature kept rising until the mirrors started to fog and Kyra could feel her body temperature doing the same. She tried fanning herself for relief, but in that heat, it did nothing to help. It was almost too hot to breathe.

“Hey, I need to go cool down for a second!” Kyra took off for the door before Dominic even had a chance to react. She ran outside to join the rest of the patrons that spilled out onto the patio in an attempt to catch her breath and clear her mind, but of course her new friend Dominic wasn’t far behind.

“Hey, where are you going?” He asked, clearly out of breath.

“Sorry, but it is so hot in there!” Kyra sucked in all the air she could. Even once outside, she was still fanning herself.

“You want something else to drink; some water or something?” Dominic pulled out all hundreds when he made his offer in an effort to impress her, but it didn’t work.

“No. That’s okay. . . Where’s Meeka? I’m ready to go home.” Kyra was on her way back inside when Dominic stopped her.

“But you can’t go yet. It’s only one-thirty. The club don’t close for at least another half hour,” he mentioned it casually, but the look in his eyes said he would be sad if she left.

“I know, but I’m tired. . . Plus, it’s late,” Kyra put her hand over her mouth to cover her yawn. For someone who used to live to stunt, she couldn’t hang like she used to.

“So that don’t mean we have to say goodbye, Shorty. What you got up after this?” Dominic lowered his voice to a seductive whisper. A single kiss on the nape of her neck had Kyra’s mind clouded and her whole body tingling.

“Dominic, I can’t. . .” Kyra shied away from him.

“Why can’t you?” he asked, his gaze intent.

“Because, Dominic. . . I already told you. I have a boyfriend,” Kyra made sure to remind him, but Dominic wasn’t easily scared off.

Actually, you said ‘maybe’ which tells me even if you do, it can’t be that deep.” Dominic took another step toward her, turning up the pressure. Kyra couldn’t believe he would go so far as to use her own words against her.

“Well I do and I don’t need you tryin’ to mess it up,” she shot back at him with a nasty look, but underneath her hard exterior, her will power was dwindling. A part of her wanted to see what it would be like to spend the night with him.

“Okay. So you have a boyfriend. Clearly, he ain’t hitting it right.” Dominic leaned against the wooden railing, his demeanor calm as could be.

“Dominic!” Kyra burst out laughing.

“Am I right or am I right?” he asked the question, confident he knew the answer.

“You are out of control right now!” Kyra laughed some more.

“Look, Kyra, I don’t want you to think I’m trying to ruin your relationship ’cause that’s not what I’m trying to do,” Dominic went on.

“Oh. Is that right?” Kyra didn’t try to hide her skepticism. She didn’t believe him for a second.

“Yeah, you know, given the fact we just met, I think it’s important that you know I would never ask you to cheat on your boyfriend. . . I’m simply asking you not to cheat yourself out of the experience. That’s all.” Dominic stared deep into her eyes as he played with her curls. They were standing so close to each other, Kyra could feel his heartbeat, almost as though it were in sync with her own.

“I don’t know, Dominic. . . What if he finds out?” Kyra took a deep breath. While her heart and mind were still deliberating on whether or not she should give him a chance, the effects of the liquor were beginning to set in, and once that happened, there was no telling what she would do.

“It’s not like I’m going to tell him. . .” he chuckled.

“Yeah, but. . .”

“I don’t even see why you’re so worried about him. Your boyfriend isn’t here right now. I am,” he contested.

“I don’t know about this Dominic. . .” Kyra released her stress in the form of a sigh. She came out tonight looking for an escape, and right now, Dominic was looking like the next best thing.

“Don’t worry. I promise I’m worth it,” Dominic stunned Kyra with that mega watt smile of his, and once again, Kyra was blinded by his charm.

“Okay. . .” After a few minutes of fighting with her conscience, Kyra finally agreed. Dominic took her by the hand as the two of them went back inside to find their friends and tell them they were leaving.

“Hey! Where were you? We’ve been looking all over for you guys!” Meeka pulled Kyra into a hug the second she showed up.

Unlike, Kyra, Meeka wasn’t very hard to find. Meeka and Rico hadn’t left the booth all night which might explain why the two of them looked so bored. When Kyra and Dominic left they looked like they were engaged in an interesting conversation, but by the time they got back, they were barely speaking.

“Sorry, I stepped out for a minute . . . Everythin’ straight?”

“Ugh, girl, I’m starting to get a headache. You almost ready to get out of here?” Meeka sounded anxious and the look on the face said she was more than ready to go.

“Yeah, me and Dominic were just about to leave. . .” Kyra glanced over at Dominic to see him and Rico talking in hushed tones. Dominic made her blush when he winked at her.

“Wait . . . I know you’re not about to go home with this dude . . . Are you?” Meeka looked at her in disbelief.

“Yeah, I’m thinkin’ about it. Why?” Kyra challenged.

“Kyra you barely even know him! What if he’s crazy? He could be a serial killer for all you know!” Meeka was desperate in her plea, but Kyra didn’t take her seriously.

“I’m pretty sure he’s not a serial killer, Meeka,” Kyra laughed it off. Still, Meeka didn’t sound too convinced.

“Hey, I’m just saying. You never know. . .” she added.

“Whateva, Meeka. You need to chill. Seriously.” Kyra sucked her teeth at how she was acting. She even rolled her eyes.

“Come on, Kyra. You know I can’t just let you leave with him. We come together. We leave together. Those are the rules,” Meeka cited girl code in her defense, but Kyra remained defiant. She blocked out everything Meeka was saying so that she could zoom in on Dominic as well as what he was wearing. He looked good dressed in Louie V down to his feet, and she couldn’t wait to see what he was working with underneath.

“What rules?” Kyra scoffed at the idea of someone telling her what to do. She had never been the type to play by the rules so she didn’t know why Meeka thought she was about to start now.  In her world, rules were meant to be broken. And when it came to Dominic, she planned on breaking every. single. one.


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