Chapter 3 – Love, Lies & Consequences: The Fast Life Sequel by Cassandra Carter #WIP


Kyra found peace in her sleep, however temporary. Cincere left for an early morning jog not too long ago, and she was thoroughly enjoying having their king size bed all to herself. She’d just settled into a deep, comfy, sleep when she was startled by a knock at the door.

“Ugh, it is too early for this shit!” Kyra growled as she pulled the covers over her head. She even put a pillow over her ear hoping that if she ignored them they would go away, but whoever this someone was they sure were persistent.

“Just a minute. . .” Kyra was reluctant to part with her mattress. She rolled over and checked her phone and let out another groan. It was just after 9 A.M. She wasn’t expecting company, and Cincere wouldn’t be home from his workout for at least another hour. Normally, she would have accompanied him, but yesterday’s events left her feeling so physically and emotionally drained she decided to stay behind and catch up on some much needed rest.

“I said I’m comin’!” Kyra rubbed her eyes at the sound of the buzzer. She ripped off the covers and tied her robe closed confused as to who was crazy enough to wake her up this early, and on her day off no less. Kyra was going to be sure to give the person on the other side of that door an earful and it wasn’t about to be pleasant. By the time she was done with them they would know better than to ever bother her again.

“What the hell do you want?” Kyra flung the door open so fast she felt the wind in her hair, but she caught herself from going off. Once she saw who it was all her anger dissipated. The second Kyra opened the door it was as though the Earth stood still and time stopped.

“Justin? . . . What are you doin’ here?” Kyra was stuck. There was Justin, dressed casually in a pair of expensive designer jeans and T-shirt from Armani, looking sexy as ever. His hairline was extra crispy, and his scruff had been neatly shaped into a goatee. Kyra thought it was safe to assume the pearl-painted Jaguar parked out front belonged to him given the fact she’d never seen it before. Everything about him from his car to his clothes was clean.

“Sorry for just showing up unannounced like this. I wasn’t quite sure how to get in touch with you. . .” Justin rushed to get his words out before Kyra could stop him. One look in her eyes and he almost forgot what he going to say.

“You – uh – dropped this in your hurry yesterday. I figured you might need it.” Justin pulled a small plastic card out of his pocket, which upon closer inspection, turned out to be Kyra’s ID.

“Oh wow! Thank you! I’m glad it was you who found it.” Kyra diverted her eyes in embarrassment. She had been so distracted by him, she wasn’t even aware it was missing until now.

“You’re welcome,” Justin cleared his throat, unsure what to say next. As Kyra and Justin stood there staring at each other in disbelief, an awkward silence fell over them. The minutes passed excruciatingly slow. For Kyra, the hardest part about seeing Justin again was the fact that although she still cared about him, she wasn’t allowed to express it.

“You want to come inside for a minute?” Kyra stepped aside to welcome him in, but Justin declined her offer.

“I would, but I’m already running late for my meeting.” He glanced at the gold Rolex on his wrist with regret. “Maybe we can catch up some other time? You know, have dinner or something,” he suggested, his tone hopeful and sincere.

“Okay. Yeah. Sure,” Kyra was so quick to say yes she fumbled over her answer. Little did he know she was willing to meet him on the moon if he asked her to. One look in his pretty brown eyes and he had Kyra hypnotized.

“Okay. Cool. Here’s my number. Give me a call and we’ll set something up.” Justin handed her a business card with his contact information and gave Kyra a hug that lasted a few seconds longer than it should of.

“You take care, Kyra.” Justin cupped her face ever so gently. The temptation to kiss was present and growing by the second, and if Justin didn’t leave soon, Kyra wasn’t sure how much longer she could fight it. Being in his arms again proved that the smell of his cologne still did something to her and his touch still held the power to make her melt.

“You, too,” Kyra put on a smile for Justin, but as she watched him walk back to his car, she found herself fighting back tears again, and for some reason when it came to Justin, that was a battle she never seemed to win. As much as Kyra enjoyed spending time with him, seeing him go was always bittersweet; however, something about this time was especially difficult for her. Kyra was just so happy to finally have him back in her life she couldn’t fathom what it would be like to lose him again. It seemed almost unfair to have to say goodbye so soon considering every time she saw Justin from now on, she would have to question whether it would be the last.

Still, Kyra wasn’t about to let that spoil her happiness. The second she closed the door, she screamed like she’d just won a million dollars, except in this case, what Kyra gained was far more valuable. When Justin gave her his business card, Kyra took it as him giving her much more than just a piece of paper. He was giving her a second chance. Their future was in her hands.

Kyra fell back on her mattress in a daze. She was so excited she was already running through different scenarios of what would happen when they saw each other again and where they would go. She even started planning her outfit. Kyra let out another girly shriek as she kicked her feet up in the air. This news was just too good to keep to herself. She had to tell somebody.

When Kyra pulled up outside Meeka’s house moments later, the mat at the front door welcomed her company, however, the voice on the other end didn’t sound as convincing.

“Who is it?” Meeka answered groggily as she spied through the peephole.

“Meeka, it’s me! Open up!” Kyra shouted. Meeka cracked the door just wide enough to let her in.

“Kyra, you have got to stop popping up like this. . . Do you have any idea what time it is?” Meeka shot her a look of annoyance.

“Sorry! I know. I should’ve called first. I know it’s early, but you will never guess what just happened!” Kyra made her way straight to her couch, ready to talk about her problems.

“What is it? Because you better have a damn good reason for waking me up at the crack of dawn,” Meeka complained. In Meeka’s world, nothing was that exciting this early in the morning.

“Justin came by my house this morning!” Kyra blurted out the good news, but unlike Kyra, Meeka sounded more skeptical than anything.

“Is he crazy? What if Cincere had been there?”

“I know! Luckily he wasn’t,” Kyra sighed in relief. She didn’t even want to imagine how differently things would have played out had Cincere been the one to answer the door.

“Well . . . What did he want?” Meeka propped herself up to listen.

“He came to bring me my I.D,” Kyra smiled at the memory.

Aw.  Isn’t that sweet?” Meeka teased.

“I don’t know how I lost it, but apparently I dropped it leavin’ the market yesterday,” Kyra commented.

“Aw, man! Did he say anything about what happened?” Meeka’s eyes widened.

“No. Thank God.” Kyra shook her head in disappointment. Meeka on the other hand, couldn’t stop laughing.

“Meeka stop! It’s not funny!” Kyra whined. She tried her best to hold in her laughter, but even she got a good chuckle out of her story.

“Okay! Okay! But that’s not it. . .” Kyra tapped Meeka to be quiet and Meeka piped down just long enough to hear what she had to say.

“Before he left . . . he asked me out to dinner!” Kyra couldn’t hide her smile if she tried. No one could make her swoon like Justin, not even some of the finest celebrities.

“Say what!” Meeka’s pitch spiked with surprise. She was up now.

“I know right!” Bursting with energy, Kyra bounced up and down in her seat.

“So are you going to go or what?” Meeka posed the most important question of their conversation and suddenly, the topic turned serious.

“Oh. Well, yeah. Of course I’m gonna go,” Kyra replied as though Meeka was crazy for even asking. She could be married with kids for all she cared. It didn’t matter if it was 20 years later. There was still no way she would turn Justin down.

“And might I ask what Cincere thinks about all of this?” Meeka raised an eyebrow along with her next question. Kyra hadn’t even thought about the fact she had a boyfriend until now, and she didn’t care to be reminded.

“He doesn’t know yet,” she confessed.

“Well . . . aren’t you going to tell him?”

“No. I don’t know. . . Do you think I should?” Kyra weighed her options in her mind. If she told Cincere about Justin stopping by that would just create drama – and drama was the last thing she needed. She was already stressed enough.

“Kyra!” Meeka gasped at her decision.

“What? Justin and I are just friends. It’s not like anythin’ is goin’ to happen,” Kyra gave a simple explanation, as though it were really that simple. When in reality, the sexual tension between her and Justin was so thick at times it almost made it hard to breathe.

“So that’s your boyfriend,” Meeka tried filling in for Kyra’s conscience, but her words fell on deaf ears.

“So!” The look on Kyra’s face made it clear she could care less.

“Not ‘so’. Kyra, you need to tell him. He deserves to know,” Meeka argued.

“Um, excuse me I thought you were my friend. Since when are you on his side? And besides, even if I do say somethin’ you and I both know he’ll never let me go,” Kyra’s irritation gave way to a hopeless sigh.

“I say ask him. See what he says. You never know. He just might surprise you,” Meeka advised.

“Yeah. . . Maybe. . .” Kyra sounded doubtful to say the least. While Kyra vowed not to keep secrets from Cincere, especially after the way things ended between her and Justin, she knew Cincere well enough to know that no matter what she said he would never agree. Kyra was sure once she told Cincere her plans their conversation would end in an argument. It was best for her not to say anything until she absolutely had to and only if she had to. The last thing she wanted to do was lie to Cincere, but at the same time, there was nothing she wouldn’t do to be with Justin again, even if only for one night.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re about to do, but I’m about to go back to sleep. This is way too much drama for my brain to process this early in the morning,” Meeka let out a chuckle that said “better you than me.” She got up to show Kyra to the door where they continued to linger for a few more seconds.

“Listen, Kyra . . . whatever you decide to do, that’s on you. If you feel like going to dinner with Justin is the right thing to do then I say do it. All I’m saying is just remember; just as every action has a reaction . . . even love has its consequences.”

Meeka tried to warn her, but of course, Kyra didn’t listen. She dismissed Meeka’s advice, and on the walk home, she decided to follow her heart. Although Meeka had good intentions, she just didn’t get it. She hadn’t been through what Kyra had been through so there was no way she could ever fully understand it. The only person who might even kind of understand was Justin.

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